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  1 Is Pathway Payments PCI Compliant?  
    Yes, Pathway Payments, its banking and gateway partners are all PCI Compliant.  
  2 Who is Pathway Payments?  
    Pathway Payments is a premier Merchant Account Provider and Gateway Integrator.  Through our many relationships with processors and banks, we leverage our vast portfolio of Merchants to find the best rates and overall solution for your business model.  
  3 The "Pro Account" references a "Special Rate Program".  What does that mean?  
    To qualify for a Pro Account, you must have proof of past credit card processing (acceptance) history. Upon review of your current billing and risk profile, we will structure a rate program to minimize your fees and eliminate the "gotchas" from your Fee Statement.  
  4 Is your solution compatible with my Yahoo cart?  
    Simply, Yes.  We connect your Yahoo store to the First Data platform per Yahoo specifications. If you use third party Order Managers such as StoneEdge or OrderMotion we can connect to those plugins as well.  
  5 I am not located in the US.  Can I still apply?  
    Unfortunately no.  Corporations must have legal status and a physical location in the United States. Individuals must have a U.S. Social Security number and a U.S. Bank Account.  
  6 What type of cards will I be able to accept?
    Once approved you will be able to accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB, China Union Pay, BC Card, Dina Card. This includes Signature Debit Cards also (Not PIN Debit).  
  7 How do I get paid for a credit card transaction?  
    In your Yahoo store you will receive an authorization for each transaction submitted.  At the end of the day, the gateway electronically sends all your transactions  through the Association’s clearing process.  Money is deducted from the card holders account and then deposited into your deposit account or any account you specify in 2 days.  
  8 How does the approval process work?  
    Pathway Payments will provide an application to be completed.  This application goes through an underwriting process at the Merchant Bank.  Pathway Payments has a 98% approval rating for their clients.  You will be approved in usually 2 days.